Warehousing in an Outdoor Area (Open Warehousing)

For allocation of cargo requiring no specific temperature conditions for warehousing Siberian Logistics Company offers outdoor warehouse spaces for rent. Such service helps to effectively solve the problems of warehousing of oversize cargo, construction supplies and equipment, cargo transporters, automobiles, concrete constructions, glass, plastic and others. Outdoor warehousing is much cheaper than warehouse rent and doesn’t require any critical expenses. Minimal rental period is 1 month.

At the wish of a client, we will carry out an assessment and inspection of cargo left to stock; will make its auxiliary handling: pack hermetically, mark, make up into orders for further transportation and deliver to the required point. We use modern lifting machines to carry out all kinds of auxiliary works.

100% Safety

There are video control systems, fire extinguishing and 24-hour security on the territory of the warehouse complex. It helps us to guarantee 100% safety of cargo accepted for storage.

You can use services of consignment storage and the distribution centre.


Individual Storage. Storage of Property and Personal Belongings.

Nowadays metropolitan citizens face a problem of throw-out storage: where to place seasonal things: skies, sleds, bicycles, tires; or furniture during making repair in a flat or office? Cupboards are not enough and it is inconvenient to store the goods on a balcony or in a garage. Business owners are puzzled with the problem of property safety, and storage of advertizing and exhibition materials and equipment. Siberian Logistics Company solves these problems.


You can place your personal property at our 26,000 square meters warehouse with year-round temperature of +18 degrees for minimum 30 days.

Depending on a size they will be put in specially equipped bins. Our experts will perform all auxiliary works – loading and unloading, cargo inventory and handling, marking and palletizing.

Absolute Safety

The warehouse is equipped with modern video control systems and robot firemen; there is a 24-hour security on its territory. You shouldn’t worry about your goods safety. SLC goes it alone.


Things to Be Placed at the Warehouse:

•    household appliances: TV set, oven, refrigerator and others
•    furniture: table, chairs, cabinet, sofa, armchair, cupboard
•    interior design items: carpets/ palaces, pictures
•    clothes and shoes
•    sports equipment
•    musical instruments

Contact our managers to get more information about the service and cost calculation.

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