3PL Logistics

To reduce expenses for warehousing, distribution, accounting and delivery of goods, you are to entrust these functions to a reliable logistics company.

SLC offers a complex of 3PL services:

  • transportation and control of cargo traffic
  • keeping forwarding documents
  • handling, distribution and packing of orders
  • warehousing
  • stock management

By using the listed services you can arrange  effective sale of goods with no expenses for maintenance and servicing of your own logistic resources.


Extensive Capabilities for Your Logistics

Siberian Logistics Company has capacities sufficient for serving both small and big organizations.  We have at our disposal a modern A-class terminal with the area of 26,000 square meters, a covered heated railway siding for 8 vans, dock areas for vehicular transportation delivery equipped with hot air curtains, docking levelers and dock shelters.

The company uses automated WMS management system which enables to optimize cargo handling and control goods shelf-life. Thanks to WMS system you can track your goods traffic.

Due to existence of own truck fleet we deliver the goods to an end point right on time.

All SLC’s industrial processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international standards in the field of warehouse and transport logistics.

Working within the concept of “lean production”, employees are motivated to reduce all kinds of expenses and maximally customer oriented.

Assimilation of effective technologies enables us to offer high quality 3PL services to the clients. Percentage of logistic operations completion in the company is 99.96%!


Effective Logistics as a Competitive Advantage


In the conditions of tight economic situation when business is forced to cut costs, one of the most obvious solutions for big, medium and small companies  is optimization in the field of logistics.

Transfer of a part or the whole complex of logistics operations for outsourcing guaranties a considerable cost cutout for manufacturers and retailers.

If you use our company’s 3PL services, optimized logistics can become your competitive advantage. Besides that we provide a convenient servicing, including accountability following results of acceptance, handling and dispatch of cargo, as well as provision of a workplace for your company’s representative.

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