Consignment Storage


Siberian Logistic Company offers services for consignment storage, allotting, completing, transportation and stock management of cargo. We provide effective logistics that makes it possible for you to optimize expenses, and ensures reliable and immediate cargo handling.

One of the most important advantages of working with us is our security guarantee. We take responsibility for safety of each piece of cargo accepted for storage. We have acquired a reputation for being a reliable partner, and we are ready to prove it in our cooperation with you!  


Advanced Production Assets

The company has great facilities for storage and handling of different kinds of cargo: ranging from foodstuff to machinery and equipment. We can offer you an advanced warehouse complex including a distribution center that is able to accept vehicular and railway transportation.

The goods are stored at the A-class terminal with the area of 26,000 square meters. It contains multilevel racks that are more than 11 meters high, over 16,000 pallet positions and over 6,000 single storage positions.

Our facilities and procedures conform to international standards. SLC is the only company in Krasnoyarsk that is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the field of warehouse and transport logistics. Our company sticks to a conception of “lean production” aimed at reduction of all types of losses and maximum client orientation.

In order to increase work speed, convenience and accuracy, our company implements a high performance warehouse management system WMS. It enables to automate all business processes, optimize slotting and control goods shelf-life. WMS system helps our clients to track their goods traffic online.

Storage security is provided by alarm system, video control system and robot firemen. There is a 24-hour security on the territory of the complex.


Consignment Storage Is Advantageous

It is necessary for a company to optimize logistics in order to improve work quality and cut its costs. It is particularly topical in present difficult economic conditions.

The benefits of SLC:

  1. Readymade world-class warehousing for storage of goods.
  2. Delivery by own vehicular transport, freight forwarding.
  3. Optimization of costs for cargo handling and transportation.
  4. Time saving by means of work processes speed-up.
  5. Comprehensive solution of wide-range challenges in the field of logistics.
  6. Advantageous location that enables to serve customers from Krasnoyarsk Region and surrounding areas.

You can get information about cost of consignment storage from our managers.

You can use cargo handling services – palletizing, cross docking, marking, pre-packing, heat seal packaging and sets complement.

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