Distribution Centre

SLC distribution centre is a never-failing link in a chain of your deliveries! It is arranged and operates in accordance with international certificate ISO 9001:2008, which means high efficiency of all work processes, their optimization to clients’ requirements, cost minimization and raising of work speed. Every worker is motivated to strictly follow these principles.

Percentage of logistic operations completion is 99.96%!


Capabilities of SLC Distribution Centre

Stable and steady work of a logistics company depends on effective arrangement of its distribution centre. This is where the immediate acceptance and segregation of cargo received for storage and its distribution and delivery to consignees takes place.

Due to existence of own railway spur Siberian Logistics Company is able to receive goods both by vehicular and railway transportation.

Dock areas of vehicular transportation delivery are equipped with hot air curtains, modern docking levelers and dock shelters – all these provide an opportunity to speed up the processes and improve their safety. Waiting lines to the complex entry are almost excluded.

Covered railway siding accommodates up to 8 vans at a time. Operations on handling and transfer of goods are carried out using mobile storage equipment under the control of experienced operators. WMS management system guaranties accurate allocation of cargo and enables to track their traffic online.

Errors in our distribution centre operation are almost nullified. It is achieved not only by means of automatic control system but also due to competence of the employees.

The company owns a truck fleet that enables to deliver cargo right on time and at minimum cost.

Additional Benefits

We are glad to offer our clients a service on accountability following results of acceptance of cargo delivery, handling and dispatch.

If necessary, we are ready to provide your company’s representative with a workplace.

The company serves orders on the “arrived-handled-dispatched” principle according to clients’ needs.

We accept different kinds of cargo for consignment storage, including oversize one.

Our distribution centre is advantageously located on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region, close to big regional and federal transport junctions. Cooperation with us will enable to optimize your company’s deliveries, reduce expenses and secure reliability of dispatches.

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